第一个 step would be to fill out the request services form 和 choose the location closest to you. SBDC的工作人员将与您联系,了解接下来的步骤.



Our calendar is packed with workshops, seminars, 和 other events for you! 保持最新! Please note that each center maintains its own client onboarding process 和 its own local workshop schedule.



用我们的方法找到你的中心 页面位置.


The SBDC is not a bank 和 does not fund loans; however, 如果你需要帮助来评估你的资金选择, fill out the request services form 和 choose the location closest to you. SBDC的工作人员将与您联系,了解接下来的步骤, 这包括对你的财务预测的帮助吗, finding available loan options for your business through our banking partners or outside grants, 和更多的.



使用下面的问题/解决方案图表. It contains 20 commonly asked business questions to help you find out if you should enroll in an SBDC workshop or see a counselor for one-on-one assistance.



我需要更多的客户使用我的服务或顾客访问我的商店. 我该怎么办? 访问我们的 事件日历页面 和 enroll in a marketing strategies class or speak to an SBDC advisor about creating a marketing strategy for your business.
我的生意每个月都缺钱. 我需要一笔商业贷款. 我应该如何处理这个问题? 第一个, chat with an SBDC advisor to help determine if you really do need cash or if you can identify ways to increase revenues, 更低的成本, 或者改善现金流策略.
我准备创业了. 我要怎么开始呢? 请教一个 SBDC中心 安排一个约会. 你的顾问将详细说明如何获得营业执照, 制定商业计划, 获得资金, 和更多的. 还有,试试访问我们的网站 资源页面, which contains an array of helpful links 和 组织 that can provide information on starting a business.
请接受Español的帮助? 如果没有,我们就没有机会去做同样的事情. 帮助我看 Nuestra página de ubicaciones y busque bajo idiomas para averiguar qué idiomas se hablan en nuestros diferentes centros.
I have a business idea, but need to bounce it off somebody before I start it. 我怎么能见你的SBDC顾问? SBDC可以提供帮助! Your advisor will likely walk you through recommended research you may consider conducting, 并揭示最初的商业成本, 位置考虑, 可行性, 和更多的. If you are an existing client, make an appointment with your SBDC advisor to review your idea. If you would like to become a client 和 consult with a SBDC advisor, fill out the 请求的服务形式.
How do I set up my payroll accounts, 和 what does the 状态 of California require from employers? 访问我们的 事件日历页面 报名参加我们的赌博十大排名官方网站,介绍一下法律, 税, 以及小企业的许可证要求. 你会发现它很有帮助! If you need some 1:1 assistance, you can schedule a time to chat with your local SBDC advisor.
我如何得到一个虚构的企业名称? 首先,这里是谁应该提交的信息:

Persons doing business for profit under a fictitious name (does not include surname in company name).

The 状态ment must be filed in the county of principal place of business, 和 may also be filed in other counties as long as the requirements for filing in the county of principal place of business have been met.

非营利性公司, 组织, or associations are not required to file a Fictitious Business Name Statement.

其次,查看信息 如何在洛杉矶郡申请.

也, consider attending a “Starting Your Small Business” workshop for this 和 similar information or meeting with an SBDC advisor.

I need to get a bank loan, but don’t know where to start or what banks to approach. Most SBDC中心s offer loan application assistance 和 will consult you at no-cost on what bankers look for from business owners. 您的SBDC还可以帮助您创建财务项目, 指导你的商业计划, 并通过我们的银行和资助网络帮助你找到资金. 如果您是现有的客户,请随时联系您的SBDC顾问. If you would like to register to become a client of an SBDC near you, submit a 请求的服务形式.
我的企业应该是合伙企业还是公司? 参加一个 业务结构车间 或者和商业顾问谈谈每种方法的好处. 考虑到 业务规划 更多信息,请参见我们的资源页.
我正要签一份租约. 有人能看一下吗?? 绝对! 报名 to see an SBDC advisor; or if you are an existing client, you can call your advisor. 我们可以提供关于在租赁中寻找什么的指导, 如何要求优惠条款, 并解释这一承诺的含义.
如何取得雇主证明号码? Our SBDC advisors can assist you with the IRS website 和 the online application form. However, for more information on applying for an EIN from the IRS, view 更多细节在这里.
我拖欠了应付账款,也没有收回应收账款. 请帮助! Work with an SBDC advisor to determine the cost of your goods or services, 研究使你的企业更有效率以降低成本的方法, 并讨论改善现金流的策略.
有人向我要我公司的财务报表. 我在哪里买到的? You should track your business progress financially with an ongoing bookkeeping system. 参加一个 SBDC税收和记录保存赌博十大排名官方网站 来帮你开发一个记账系统, 接受快速手册的培训, or help you underst和 how to read your financial 状态ments like a pro!
我的生意做得不错,但我想做更多. 最好的办法是什么? 我们的SBDC顾问当然可以提供帮助! 我们可以为您提供选择, 然后帮助你,无论是继任计划, 制定增长计划, 或者其他东西. Schedule an appointment with your advisor to consider your options 和 develop a plan of action, or 注册一个顾问 如果你没有的话. 我们也有很棒的合作伙伴,比如 高盛一万小企业计划, which help admitted small businesses create a growth plan at no cost 和 can provide practical business education, 网络的机会, 获得资本, 和更多的. 向你的导师询问你的选择!
我想找个人投资我的公司. 我该怎么做呢? One of the incredible benefits (at no-cost) of being an SBDC client is the access our clients receive to networks of investors, 赠款资金的机会, 社区贷款项目, 和更多的. Call us today to find the SBDC closest to you at 1-866-588-SBDC or visit our 页面位置 安排约会. SBDC顾问可以帮助您审查公司的需求, 为你的推销提供帮助, 用我们的网络连接你, 和更多的!
People keep telling me I should sell to other countries, but I don’t know how to do that. SBDC能帮我吗? The LA SBDC Network is very proud to have an excellent international trade team of advisors throughout our service territory that can help you with everything from export financing, 预定你的第一批国际货物, 对进口, 寻找供应商等等. 我们的网络还拥有一个特殊的伙伴关系 南加州出口委员会, which gives our clients access to not only our international trade experts, but also 40 DEC members all specializing in different areas of international trade, 由美国任命.S. 商务部长.
我想获得政府合同. 有什么要求? 大多数SBDC中心提供关于认证的赌博十大排名官方网站, 小企业管理局8一个过程, 和 information which outlines the basics of government contracting 和 procurement. 请查阅我们的活动日程表,查看班级列表 联邦状态 我们网站的资源部分,或安排一个约会与您的 当地SBDC中心. The LA SBDC  has various advisors throughout our tri-county territory that are specialists 和 can help you prepare 和 apply for government contracts.
I have employees, but am not sure I’m meeting all 联邦 和 状态 requirements. 我该怎么办? 我们强烈欢迎访问十大电子网址注册我们的 “成为雇主”或类似的赌博十大排名官方网站, which discusses requirements 和 resources on meeting employer requirements. Of course, you can always schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor at your convenience.
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